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2016-2017 Exam Dates

GCSE Business Studies 

Unit 1 - Introduction to small business 
Exam Code - 5BS01/01 
Exam Date - Wednesday 24th May 2017 
Exam Time - AM 

Unit 3 - Building a Business
Exam Code - 5BS03/01
Exam Date - Friday 9th June 2017 
Exam Time - PM 

A Level Business 

Paper 1: Marketing, people and global business
Exam Code- 9BS0/01
Exam Date - Monday 12th June 2017
Exam Time - PM

Paper 2: Business activities, decisions and strategy 
Exam Code - 9BS0/02 
Exam Date - Monday 19th June 2017 
Exam Time - AM 

Paper 3: Investigating Business in a competitive environment 
Exam Code - 9BS0/03
Exam Date - Friday 23rd June 2017
Exam Time - PM 

BTEC Business 

Unit 3: Personal and Business Finance 
Exam Code - 31463H
Exam Date - Thursday 25th May 2017
Exam Time - PM 

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