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GCSE History aims to enable students to become analytical learners. This course allows students to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding of key historical developments over time. It also provides students with the opportunity to have important outreach links with the University of Kent and a visit to the Normandy beaches in France, providing students with an understanding of the importance of the D-Day landings during the Second World War.

This course also aims to help support learners’ development of transferable interpersonal skills, including working with others, problem-solving, independent study, source analysis skills and an ability to integrate sources and develop their own knowledge.

Currently, at GCSE students study the following units from the OCR exam board:

The American West and Medicine  Through Time- exam: 45% of the GCSE grade

British Public Health, 1800-1914- exam- 35% of the GCSE grade

Controlled Assessment: History Around Us: A study of Dover Castle over time- 25% of the GCSE grade

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