St. Anselm's Catholic School

St Anselm's Cahtolic School

St Anselm’s Catholic School

Science Staff

The Science department consists of 14 staff and operates in two purpose built buildings (Becket Block and Teresa Block) which contain recently refurbished laboratories.

(Unfortunately Mr. Withey and Mr. Bates missed the photo!)

Mr L. Norton (Curriculum Manager) -
Mrs E. Allen (Second in Science) -
Miss L. Hunt (Second in Science) - 

Mr A. Bates -
Mr C. Buddle -
Miss. L. Denton -
Mr D. Harding -
Mrs K. Harding -
Mrs S. King -
Mr R. Lloyd -
Miss R. Tucker -
Mr N. Withey -
Miss S. Woolford -
Mr P. Georgiou -

Mrs S. Palmer (Senior Technician) -
Dr B. Giles (Technician) -



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