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Year 11

Year 11 students will be studying courses from the OCR GCSE Twenty First Century Science Suite which include Core Science, Additional Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Students have covered all of the required subject content for the course throughout Years 9 and 10. They will therefore spend the first term back completing their controlled assessment before revising and preparing thoroughly for their public examinations at the end of the academic year.

1) Select the appropriate unit.
2) Enter the username "student" and password "science"

If using an iPad press and hold the link and from the resulting menu select 'Open'. You will then have to enter the username and password from step 2 above. You can read the book now or save to the iBookstore.

Core Science
B1 - You and Your Genes
B2 - Keeping Healthy
B3 - Life on Earth
C1 - Air Quality
C2 - Material Choices
C3 - Chemicals in our Lives, Risks and Benefits
P1 - The Earth and the Universe
P2 - Radiation and Life
P3 - Sustainable Energy

Additional Science
B4 - The Processes of Life
B5 - Growth and Development
B6 - Brain and Mind
C4 - Chemical Patterns
C5 - Chemicals and the Natural Environment
C6 - Chemical Synthesis
P4 - Explaining Motion
P5 - Electric Circuits
P6 - Radioactive Materials

Further Biology
B7.1 - Peak Performance 1
B7.2 - Peak Performance 2
B7.3 - Peak Performance 3
B7 - Learning from Nature

B7 - New Technologies

Further Chemistry
C7 - Chemical Analysis
C7 - Energy Changes in Chemistry
C7 - Green Chemistry
C7 - Reversible Reactions and Equilibria
C7 - The Chemistry of Carbon Compounds

Further Physics
P7.1 - Naked eye Astronomy
P7.2/5 - Telescopes and Images
P7.3 - Mapping the Universe
P7.4 - Stars

Core Science - ISBN 9780199138142
Additional Science - ISBN 9780199138210
Separate Science - ISBN 9780199138470

Every GCSE (and A-Level or BTEC) course has a specification which is a document containing all the information about the course. This document can be very useful for revision as it contains a list of statements for each topic that students should know.

Core Science
Additional Science

Revision Guides
As a department we recommend the Letts Lonsdale books, although others are available. They come with a workbook containing exam style questions which can be worked through as part of a revision schedule.

We will be looking into ordering revision guides so that they can be purchased through the school during the first term after the summer holidays.

Please be aware that if your child is predicted a grade less than C, then these guides will not be appropriate. In this case, your child can speak to their teacher who will recommend a guide for them.

If you wish to purchase your own revision guide independently, here are the relevant ISBN numbers:

Subject Modules Covered Study Guide Workbook
Core Science B1-3, C1-3 and P1-3 9781844194568 9781844194568
Additional Science B4-6, C4-6 and P4-6 9781844194971 9781844194575
Biology B1-7 9781844194995 9781844194599
Chemistry C1-7 9781844195008 9781844194605
Physics P1-7 9781844195015 9781844194612

Past Papers
Past examination papers can be located on the OCR website using the following links:

Core Science
Additional Science

From 2014, examinations in Core Science and Additional Science are only available in subject specific papers. Previously, papers that covered all three subject areas (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) were available. These are still useful for revision as you can select the questions for the subject that you are revising.



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