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Year 7 & 8 

Year 7 and 8 pupils follow the Smart Science scheme of work which has been adapted to best suit the needs of our students. During these cruicial years, the aim is to develop practical skills and understanding of key scientific concepts. Students are formally assessed during the Cycle Assessment Weeks (approximately every eight or nine weeks) with more frequent assessment taking place in class and during teachers' assessment of written work. Pupils should be aware of the grade they have achieved in a particular End of Cycle test in order to focus their learning in certain areas in order to ensure progression in subsequent units.

More information regarding the topics covered over Years 7 and 8 can be found in the document below. This also contains useful links which students can use to help them revise for the End of Cycle assessments. Class teachers will inform students as to which topics will be assessed in each cycle.

Year 7 Revision Support - Coming Soon!
Year 8 Revision Support - Coming Soon!

If you would like to give feedback on your Science lessons, please click here.

The Accelerated Learning Group
Student who are in the Accelerated Learning Group (ALG) are expected to complete some summer work before the start of the new academic year. Electronic versions of these documents can be found below.

Task: Choose one activity from each discipline area to carry out during the holiday. Remember that some of them will need parents’ permission, so please ask. Lots of them will require you to evidence your work in a photograph which can be done on your phone. Bring your evidence into your first science class of the year. The best examples of work will be displayed on the ALG exemplar work board - good luck!

Year 7 ALG Summer Work
Year 8 ALG Summer Work



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