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Year 9 & 10

Year 9 and 10 students are studying course from the AQA GCSE Science For All Suite, including Combined Science: Trilogy (equivalent to two GCSEs), Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Year 9 students will be studying this course over three years where as Year 10 students will do this over two years. Year 10 students have been following a GCSE Foundation scheme of work whilst the department waited for the new GCSE specifications to be accredited. There is a great deal of overlap between our Foundation Year scheme of work and the courses they are now studying.

These new GCSE courses involve no controlled assessment component with a list of Working Scientifically skills now being incorporated into the exams they students will be sitting at the end of Year 11.

If you would like to give feedback on your Science lessons, please click here.

Every GCSE (and A-Level or BTEC) course has a specification which is a document containing all the information about the course. This document can be very useful for revision as it contains a list of statements for each topic that students should know.

Combined Science: Trilogy

Online Homework
You can access the online homework site by clicking here. Once there you will be prompted for a username, password and institution code.

Your username is your initial and surname (e.g. John Smith will have the username "jsmith"). Your password will be the same as your username the first time you log in to the site. You will be prompted to change it once logged in - make sure that you write the new password in your planner. Our institution code is "se1".

Revision Guides
As a department we will be looking at all of the available revision guides when they are published. We will be looking into ordering revision guides so that they can be purchased through the school during the first or second term after the summer.

Past Papers
AQA has publish a wide range of resources to support their new GCSE qualifications, including specimen papers. Unfortunately, there are no past paper questions at this moment in time as the first assessment for these courses will be in June 2018.

Combined Science: Trilogy



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