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Bedrock Vocabulary 

At St Anselm's, we have invested in a literacy improvement tool called Bedrock Vocabulary, which teaches students the vocabulary they need to succeed at school. As your child progresses through the curriculum, they will study hundreds of words, whilst reading fiction and non-fiction texts regularly.

Once you receive an access code via your registered school email, you can create your Bedrock Account. Parent and Guardians_Sign up.pdf

As their parent/carer, you can see their knowledge organiser, and you will receive weekly progress reports on your child’s progress via email when you create your Bedrock account. Additionally, there is a  ‘talking points’ PDF that you can use to support your child’s newly learnt vocabulary through conversations at home.


How does my child log in?

After visiting https://app.bedrocklearning.org/ on either their phone, tablet or laptop and click 'log in with Office 365' button and enter their school email and password. 


Bedrock Login Landing Page


How does it work?

Once your child is logged in, they simply select the correct section based on what their teacher has assigned them. The English department will set them either 'Vocabulary' or 'Grammar' related tasks and other departments will ask them to select 'Mapper' to access subject specific vocabulary.


Bedrock Student View

Students are expected to get a reach of 20 points per week and these can be earned by completing 'Vocabulary' and 'Grammar' tasks. The breakdown of how they can achieve these points can be found below.

 Completed pre-test or post-test: 5 points
 Started lesson: 2 points
 Completed and passed lesson: 8 points
 Completed but failed lesson: 3 points
 Successfully learned word in “words I am learning”: 1 point
 Successfully remembered word in “words I have learned”: 1 point
 Recapping words: 1 point
 Block or unit complete: 30 points
 Half a block: 15 points


What if they are having technical issues?

Please ask your child to go and see Miss Nee or Mrs Anderson in The Literacy Centre who will be very happy to assist.