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Bedrock Learning

We have invested in a literacy improvement tool called Bedrock Learning, which teaches students the language they need to succeed at school. As your child progresses through the curriculum, they will study hundreds of words, whilst reading fiction and non-fiction texts regularly.

Your child may be set Bedrock as homework across four different subjects: History, RE & English and Geography. Instead of receiving subject specific homework, we ask that your child completes Bedrock instead. Across the fortnight, it should amount to just over 3 hours of time on Bedrock. (English - 80 mins over a fortnight, RE - 60 mins over a fortnight, History - 30 mins over the fortnight, Geography - 30 minutes over the fortnight)

As their parent/carer, you can see their knowledge organiser, and you will receive weekly progress reports on your child’s progress via email when you create your Bedrock account. Additionally, there is a  ‘talking points’ PDF that you can use to support your child’s newly learnt vocabulary through conversations at home.