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During the first three years at St Anselm’s Catholic School students follow a broad common curriculum in accordance with the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Whilst the curriculum allows students to acquire knowledge and understanding as well as the skills inherent within each subject, it is also based on a set of competencies that are aligned across the curriculum and change with every assessment cycle.

Within each of these subjects areas, it is the School’s intention to identify the appropriate level of work for the individual student and then to ensure that a student reaches as high a level of attainment as she/he is capable of achieving.

Students in Year 7 are grouped into sets according to their prior attainment, shown in Key Stage 2 SATs scores and CATs, for Core Subjects. The "Accelerated Group" is designed for the most academically able students and they are taught in this group for all of their subjects except PE. Regular reviews of setting arrangements are held by staff to ensure students are appropriately placed throughout Key Stage 3. These setting arrangements affect most subjects in Key Stage 3. The School operates a two-week timetable of 58 lessons, each 50min in length but the majority are taught in doubles. In addition there is 30 minutes of tutorial provision each day.

At Key Stage 4 St Anselm’s follows the National Curriculum. We offer three different pathways through Key Stage 4 which are designed to best suit the individual student. Full details can be found in the Options section

Full details of our Key Stage 5 offering can be found in our sixth form section