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A Level Art & Photography

Why Choose It?

A level Fine Art and A level Photography lay the foundation for a career in the creative industries, but can also be an excellent complementary subject.  Students learn both practical skills alongside critical and contextual thinking.

A level Art or Photography prepares you to produce two major pieces of assessed work. The first is a Personal Investigation, which allows you to devise and put together a personal body of creative coursework, including extensive practical work, a 3,000 word illustrated essay and a fully developed and resolved Final Piece Project. You do this without time limits, during the course.

The second practical component is called the externally set Timed Test. On the 1st of February in your final year, the exam board publishes its Timed Test Paper which suggests a theme and possible starting points for you to work on. For the next three months you work extensively on your chosen theme, and you then sit a Timed Test, where you have a total of 15 hours under exam conditions to create and complete a personal, creative Final Piece.

 Below are some real-life examples of some of the university degree courses that A-level Art and Design can lead to:

Art/Physics/Maths Newcastle University Architecture
Art/Physics/Maths/Further Maths University of California Architecture
Art/Physics/Maths/Further Maths University of Edinburgh Business Management
Art/Physics/Maths/Further Maths University of the Arts Bournemouth Animation Production
Art/History/Sociology University of the Creative Arts - Canterbury Fine Art



Year 12 Photography

Year 13 Photography Component 1

Year 13 Photography Component 2

Year 12 Fine Art                                                                                                                          

Year 13 Fine Art - Component 1                                                                                        

Year 13 Fine Art - Component 2                                                                                       

Examples of A Level work by St. Anselm's students:

A Level Art & Photography