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Design and Technology

For years 7 and 8 homework tasks and photos can be found on the Key Stage 3 page.

For Year 9, homework is set by individual class teachers.

For years 10 and 11 homework tasks, photos and GCSE revision and exam preparation can be found on the Key Stage 4 page.

For years 12 and 13 revision, exam preparation advice and photos can be found on the Key Stage 5 page.


Curriculum Leader

Mrs L Mcknight and Ms H Stone

Curriculum Intent Statement

Design Technology is a subject that involves using the design process effectively to produce design solutions to problems raised. With good technical knowledge, creative thinking and innovation students will need to take on a variety of differing contexts which relate to real world issues. Students will need to use their imagination and sound technical understanding to solve problems and think of the needs of others effectively. We aim to give students the knowledge to take risks and be willing to effectively evaluate design solutions.

Curriculum Plan

Design Technology Curriculum Plan


Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 4 Specification- 


Key Stage 5 Specification 


Revision Guides



Higher Level Scheme of Work (Currently being re-written)

Year 7 SOW:  Cycle 1    Cycle 2      Cycle 3

Year 8 SOW:  Cycle 1     Cycle 2      Cycle 3

Year 9 SOW : Cycle 1    Cycle 2      Cycle 3

Year 10 SOW

Year 11 SOW

Year 12 SOW

Year 13 SOW






 This dynamic department is run by  by the Curriculum Leaders Mrs McKnight and Ms Stone, with specialist teachers Miss Ensor and Mr Pillinger, teacher Ms Sherlock and technician Mr Wilson. 

There are three workshops each equipped with wood, metal and plastic working facilities, a CAD/CAM area, dedicated sixth form computer/graphics room and a dedicated engineering room. The CAD/CAM space includes two laser cutters, a vinyl cutter, 3D printer, sublimation printer and a CNC router. In the dedicated engineering space there is a vertical milling machine, metal working lathe and wood working lathe.

Students are encouraged to view design beyond the classroom, through school trips to Harry Potter world, The Design Museum and through established links with Kent School of Architecture, who visit to run workshops and allow our students to take part in their successful summer school. 

At St Anselm's, Design Technology is taught across all age groups and remains a popular choice at GCSE and A-Level. We are proud of the standard of student design work, and a large number of our students go on to follow design based pathways in Higher and Further education or wider workplace settings. 

"What you need to invent,
is an imagination and a pile of junk.''

Thomas Edison


  Edison's Forgiveness – the Rear Pew

Amazing DT Work at St Anselm's

A selection of work from our Design and Technology students


Harry Potter World

Design and Technology students visited Harry Potter World



 Some of the DT Students attended the Harry Potter tour and  a workshop at Warner Bros Studio tour about set design. They learned the process of designing sets and costumes that were used in the Harry Potter films, before having a go at designing their own building for a film of their choice. 


Department staff:

Mrs L McKnight (Co-curriculum Lead) - l.mcknight@st-anselms.org.uk 

Ms Helen Stone (Co-curriculum Lead) - h.stone@st-anselms.org.uk 

Miss G Ensor (Teacher) - g.ensor@st-anselms.org.uk 

Ms R Sherlock (Teacher) - r.sherlock@st-anselms.org.uk 

Mr P Pillinger (Teacher) - p.pillinger@st-anselms.org.uk

Mr P Wilson (Technician) - p.wilson@st-anselms.org.uk