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           Digital Leaders

At St Anselm’s we are fully aware at the rate technology changes and how early young children adopt it. The Digital Leaders Programme aims to empower children and young people to champion digital citizenship and digital creativity within the school and to educate their peers and parents about staying safe online.

The Digital Leaders Programme is about giving young people opportunities to increase their knowledge, achieve recognition and collaborate with digital leaders in schools across the UK. 

As a school, we aim to:

  • Make Online Safety learning fun and effective
  • Empower youth voice and give young people opportunities to be role models
  • Ensure Digital Leaders gain confidence and key skills such as leadership, communication and team work
  • Have a positive impact on pupils - including safer online behaviours and increased Online Safety knowledge
  • Engage and empower parents and staff
  • Work towards outstanding Online Safety practice in school

The role of a Digital Leader at St Anselm’s means you will be fulfilling the following duties:

  • Leading assemblies on the use of technology to students and parents.
  • Designing a new St Anselm’s ICT Online Safety logo.
  • Designing a reward scheme for children who demonstrate excellent awareness of the importance of safe on-line learning.
  • Organising and leading parent information workshops to support their children staying safe on line.
  • Take part in an online bullying assembly during Anti-Bullying week.
  • To organise a special assembly on Safer Internet Day (SID)
  • Help to run an online safety club at school.
  • Help the online safety coordinator identify any areas of concern on social media, which may need to be mentioned in the termly newsletter.
  • Meet with the online safety lead termly, to update him with information regarding online safety in the school whilst also supporting the school senior leadership team in reviewing our Online Safety curriculum

If you are interested in becoming a Digital Leader please contact Mr Barry in the ICT/Computing department for further information.

Alternatively, please email digitalleaders@st-anselms.org.uk