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Curriculum Leader

Mr A Anderson

Curriculum Intent statement

The English team strive to share our passion for the subject with all our students. We are dedicated to encouraging the development of individuality, creativity and the love of language and literature. The curriculum is designed to provide experiences for developing thinking and creative skills and to promote a culture of writing and reading for knowledge and pleasure.

Curriculum Plan

Curriculum Plan

Schemes of Work Summary

Curriculum Overview

GCSE Specification

Language      Literature

A-Level Specification

Language     Literature

Revision Guides


Language      Literature


Language      Literature

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Year 7

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Year 11 Combined



Learning Journeys

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Year 13 Lit

Year 13 Lang

In line with the school's Mission, the English Department aims to promote the development of all its students so that they are able to achieve their full potential academically, spiritually and socially.

We seek to inspire our students to engage with their learning through their reading of a range of texts of all genres and periods. We encourage active participation in lessons through discussion and argument. Students are fully supported in their acquisition of writing skills for different purposes and audiences.

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