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2022 Maidstone Young Artist Award

Congratulations to 5 of our students who had artwork selected for the Maidstone Young Artist Award.  The theme this year was, "The Spirit of Kent."

2021 Jon Bird Competition

Congratulations to three of our students, who were shortlisted in the U21 category!


2021 EKST 'Our Shared Isolation' Art Competition


Congratulations to four of our students who won and had their artwork displayed in an Exhibition at the Daphne Oram Centre for Creative Arts at Canterbury Christchurch University.

2023 Canterbury Art Prize, Theme: Environment

 Some of our students created beautiful pieces of art around the theme of environment to enter the competition, which was being run by St Edmund's School, Canterbury.

 Congratulations to the students in the slideshow, who were shortlisted for entry!

KCSP Environmental Competition 2023

Some of our fabulous entries!