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How to revise for Business

1. Past papers
Past papers are the most effective way to revise for Business. These are papers similar to what you’ll be handed in an exam. They’ll have example questions in an exam format for you to practise answering. Past papers are ones that have been used in actual exams in previous years. They’ve got questions that students before you actually had to answer in an exam setting! 
Complete past papers and mark them using the mark scheme provided or bring them to Mrs Niblett or  Mrs D'Costa for marking. 
Make sure you time yourself when answering questions - time is tight in the exam, you must be prepared for this! 

GCSE Past papers: (Units 1 & 3)

BTEC Level 3 Past papers: (Unit 3) 

A Level Business Past papers: (Paper 1, 2 and 3) 

Additional revision materials and past papers are available on your revision USB. 

2. Mind Maps
Mind maps allow you  to organise information better visually, through the use of branches and sub-branches. It takes away from daunting stacks of notes and they help to boost your memory and can make study a more creative and appealing pursuit. 

Break each mind map down into the unit or theme you are revising and then test yourself with some exam questions to establish how well you have retained the information! 

3. The right environment 
Make sure you are working in an environment which aids revision; sitting in front of the TV watching The Simpsons is not a good idea. Find a quiet space, have all of your work set out and prepared (don't waste 20 minutes looking for work to do!) make sure you have no distractions and take regular breaks. 

4. Study buddy
Some people find revision much easier when they have help. Find a friend to study with; you can take it in turns testing each other, marking work or sharing revision notes. Make sure you chose someone who will help, not distract! 

5. Ask for help!
If you are stuck ask! Whether it be a friend, parent, carer, teacher or even Google, always ask! You can also ask Mrs Niblett and Mrs D'Costa