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Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Language Department provides two National Curriculum languages to GCSE level. These are French and German and they are similar in content and assessment.

We aim to equip the students to speak, understand, read and write the language to the very best of their ability. The study of another language also enables the student to acquire and practise valuable skills of communication, logic and problem solving along with the pure enjoyment of learning about different societies and cultures.

In addition to this, the study of a Modern Foreign Language is currently an integral part of the group of subjects that constitute the English Baccalaureate.


Kerboodle Online Homework

You can access the online homework site by clicking on the link below. Once there you will be prompted for a username, password and institution code

username - this is your initial and surname. For example John Smith will have the username jsmith.

password - the first time you log in to the site your password will be the same as your username. You will be prompted to change it once logged in - make sure that you write the new password in your planner.

institution code = se1

Select the homework tab and you will see any tasks that you have been set.

Access online homework here