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Pre-Vocational Studies Entry Level 2

This  is a  qualification with a focus on skills development rather than on
sector knowledge.

Learners are encouraged to:
• enjoy learning, gaining in confidence and promoting their learning in the future
• be inspired to take on higher study
• take ownership of their learning by becoming engaged and seeing progression
• make informed decisions about the types of sectors and programmes to which they
could progress.

The focus of these qualifications is to provide a flexible approach to transferable skills – the
attributes and behaviours needed for learners to progress to further study and to employment – so that learners can focus on the skills and contexts most relevant to their needs. 

The students follow a three year pathway completing 10 Units in total to make up the criteria needed for an Extended Certificate Qualification.



Cycle 1 

Cycle 2 

Cycle 3 

Cycle 4 


4 Assessed units in total 

Theme: New Situations 

Unit 1 

Adapting to New Situations 

Theme: Listening 

Unit 2  

Following Instructions to carry out a task 

Theme: Teamwork 

Unit 17 Contributing to a Team Event 

Theme: Organisational skills 

Unit 7 

Contribute to Running an event 

4 Assessed units in total 

Theme: Health and Wellbeing 

Unit 6  

Understanding Personal Health and Wellbeing 

Theme: Communication 

Unit 11 

Communicating with others 

Theme: Being Creative 

Unit 14  

Creating a product 

Theme: Enterprise 

Unit 15 

Participating in an Enterprise Activity 

2 Assessed units in total 

Theme: Next Steps 

Unit 16 

Finding out about Future options 

Theme: Goals Targets 

Unit 18  

Working towards an Agreed Target 

Theme: Skills 

Individual project to improve Digital skills 

Theme: Skills 

Individual project  

 This is a three year programme for Strive students.


Curriculum Intent Pre-Vocational Studies Entry Level 2 

Pre-Vocational studies is a Skills-based qualification designed to help learners develop the personal and social skills needed to help them to progress to independent living, future employment or further vocational study.  

All units are 100% internally assessed with 20 optional units to choose from.  What we want the pupils to learn through implementation of a variety of teaching activities is a range of these key transferable skills which are embedded in the units. 

Communication • Writing, speaking and listening to others. • Using body language to help communication. • Using communication for different purposes.  

Working with others • Setting common goals. • Showing respect for others in the team and valuing their contributions. • Listening to others in the team, being open minded. • Taking on roles and responsibilities. 

Problem solving • Identifying issues by being able to examine information. • Dealing with change. • Decision making to find solutions. • Staying with a problem until it is resolved.  

Managing and presenting information • Collecting and using information. • Checking accuracy of information. • Organising information. • Representing information in different ways.  

Self-management and development • Setting goals and planning ahead. • Being flexible. • Being resilient and able to work under pressure. • Monitoring performance and devising strategies for improvement.