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English Baccalaureate’(EBACC) Statement 

All KCSP Secondary Academies are committed to ensuring that as many pupils as possible study the EBACC suite of qualifications. To this end, we ensure that:

  • All pupils have full access to EBACC options when making GCSE choices. Every pupil in a KCSP Secondary Academy will be able to study EBACC options.
  • All pupils whose prior attainment and progress at KS3 suggest that they may ‘achieve’ the EBACC suite of qualifications at GCSE Grade 5 or above are strongly encouraged to choose these options. This is communicated to pupils in assemblies, 1:1 interviews and via communication with their parents/carers; e.g., all Open Days or Parent/Carer Evenings will include promotion of the EBACC suite as a positive Catholic curriculum option
  • All pupils are informed of the benefits of studying the EBACC suite of subjects.
  • All pupils are given access to high-quality teaching in EBACC subjects in Key Stage 3.

 Given the differences in prior attainment across the academies and the varying interests and needs of the children, EBACC entries will vary between academies and from year-to-year. However, our positive promotion of EBACC subjects will see an upward trajectory in entries over time.