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Welcome to the Examinations Department


At St-Anselm’s Catholic School our aim is to make the examinations experience as stress-free and successful as possible for all students. We also aim to provide as much information for you to be fully informed and prepared before you take your examinations.

On the exams department section of the website you can find information about forthcoming exams, price lists for any re-sits, regulations, provisional timetables and Exam office forms.

There are strict rules set by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQcic) on behalf of all the awarding bodies which St-Anselm’s Catholic School have to strictly follow and abide. Please refer to the listed JCQ documents on the website.

Most importantly we would like to draw your attention to the poster regarding Mobile Phones, these are banned from Public examinations along with Ipods, Mp3 players or any other device that communicates by radio, connects to the internet or records files and information.

In the UK in June 2019 over 1385 students lost their GCSE or A level exam results for breaking this rule and there is no appeal against this decision. In addition to this 610 students lost marks for Plagiarism and disruptive behaviour in the exam room.

If Students or parents have any concerns, questions or just need some advice before, during or after the examinations please contact:


Mrs Jadi Merton               Examinations Manager


We are here to help