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Home Learning Year 8


Follow the Link to the powerpoint - PPT



Work for today is as follows:

You do NOT have to complete all of the work, just do 1 hour and 30 minutes worth of work.



If you are timetabled to have science on a strike day your science teacher may contact you with work for you to do, if they do not or you are directed to do science then please use the following sheet.

Choose one activity from a discipline area of your choice to carry out. Remember that some of them will need parents’ permission, so please ask. Lots of them will require you to evidence your work in a photograph that can be done on your phone but you may need to print them off to add to another piece of work so make sure you have the means to do this. Bring your evidence to your next science lesson.







Use this website and follow the link to the ecology in the environment. Create a ‘what is Biology’ A3 poster or have a go at the fortune teller and biologist ballot game.


Use this website to carry out some Chemistry revision – play a card-match game or assemble a chemistry jigsaw or Tetris.


Use this website to carry out some investigations at home – Find out what momentum is, static electricity or even find out the surface are to volume ratio of a sugar cube.


Scroll to the bottom and carry out the activity for the Human body tasks – either the heart and lungs, joints or hearing.



Everyone knows the story of Alice in Wonderland – try some of these story themes science investigations.