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NEW** Assessment week resources

Video guide – How to access and complete an assessment

If you have navigated to this page, it is likely that your Assessment week is fast approaching, please see below the Assessment week dates for each year group:

Year Group Assessment Window (Week commencing)
Year 10 18th May 2020
Year 7 1st June 2020
Year 8  1st June 2020
Year 9 15th June 2020
Year 10 29th June 2020
Year 12  29th June 2020

 This will mean that students will be tested in all their respective subjects. These assessments will aim to test students on the same content that we would have assessed you on in school, however, these will be conducted remotely through Microsoft Office 365 which students have already been accessing.

The subject schedules for each Year group are shown at the end of this webpage.

Assessments vary in length from 30 mins to 1 hour and need to be completed on the scheduled date highlighted in the table above. If a student misses this date, please contact the teacher directly.

In order to ensure students are fully prepared for their assessments, we have set up a video guide and a trial assessment so that students can familiarise themselves with the process. Please can I urge all students to access the trial assessment beforehand so that you become familiar with the process.

Video guide – How to access and complete an assessment

 Trial Assessment process – Please ensure you have watched the video above and understand how to access Microsoft Teams. Once you are in Microsoft Teams select the team named ‘Year xx students (with xx marking indicating your year group)’ and then select ‘Assignments’. A trial assignment will appear, then click on this assessment and complete the one multiple choice question and then select submit. You are now all set up and ready to go!

 We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best of luck for your assessments.

 Assessment window schedules are detailed below:

Year 10 Assessment Schedule 
Monday 18th May English Language  Physics Option A
Tuesday 19th May Maths Chemistry Option B
Wednesday 20th May RE

Option C

Thursday 21st May English Literature  Biology

Year 7 Assessment Schedule 
Monday 1st June  Maths Geography DT
Tuesday 2nd June English French/Spanish PE
Wednesday 3rd June RE Art Performing Arts
Thursday 4th June  Science Food
Friday 5th June  History  ICT

Year 8 Assessment Schedule 
Monday 1st June RE History Food
Tuesday 2nd June Science  ICT Performing Arts
Wednesday 3rd June  English  DT  PE
Thursday 4th June  Maths Art
Friday 5th June Geography  French/Spanish


Year 9 Assessment Schedule
Monday 15th June RE Option C
Tuesday 16th June Biology Physics
Wednesday 17th June  English Language Option B
Thursday 18th June Chemistry English Literature
Friday 19th June Maths Option A


Year 10 Assessment Schedule 
Monday 29th June English Literature Option B
Tuesday 30th June Biology Chemistry
Wednesday 1st July Maths Option A
Thursday 2nd July  Physics English Language 
Friday 3rd July RE Option C


Year 12 Assessment Schedule 
Monday 29th June Option A
Tuesday 30th June Option B
Wednesday 1st July  Option C
Thursday 2nd July Option D
Friday 3rd July Option E

 * More details surrounding which option refers to which subject can be found in the video guide above

Please do not be alarmed if you cannot see the required assessment before the scheduled date, these will only be released on the day of the assessment.