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Chef School - July 2019

During 2019 Activities Week, my friend and I took part in Chef School. We all really enjoyed it as we learned new skills that could be used in the future. For example, some of the recipes we followed required us to use ingredients that wouldn’t be eaten on a daily basis.

Some of the new skills that we learned were, how to use knives safely and how to share out the cooking responsibilities between a team. This last one was very fun to develop as I got to work with my friend to create a delicious meal using only five ingredients. Five ingredients might sound like a lot, but we really had to consider what were the best options for our meal.

Another aspect of Chef School that I really enjoyed was following recipes from India. I loved all the spices we used to give our brightly-coloured food more flavour.

Next year, I think it would be great fun if for every individual day we cooked a meal from a different country so that we could explore the different cultures, cooking techniques and what flavours are used.

-Mia Jansa.