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East Kent Schools Together

East Kent presents a diversity of economic, social and educational backgrounds for children. When students and staff collaborate across schools, by sharing resources and exchanging experiences, there can be huge mutual benefits, including raising aspirations and widening horizons. I currently have the pleasure of chairing this Partnership. 

Our partnership has two aims:

1. Raising aspirations: Pupils’ achievements and prospects are improved when schools collaborate. We are looking to enrich teaching and learning by forging strong relationships and sharing professional practice amongst colleagues.

2. Widening horizons: Pupils have a broader experience by collaborating with children from different backgrounds and experiencing an enriched education beyond the curriculum. The partnership aims to help children become resilient learners, feeling confident relating to a wide spectrum of people in a variety of situations.

How do we achieve these aims?

We have a busy programme of activities in place with two main objectives:

Enriching teacher professional development in order to strengthen teaching and learning in all our schools. Examples include: TeachMeets and cluster group meetings to share good practice and widen networks, two-way placement swaps for trainee teachers, shared professional development.

Developing pupil confidence and well-being by bringing children together for shared experiences: cultural, sporting, academic and volunteering. Examples include: training for leadership together to work in the community, older pupils leading younger pupils in debating, running partnership magazines, collaborating for sporting events, raising money for charity.

The innovative partnership aims to enhance the teaching and learning in the schools by forging strong relationships and enabling children to develop into confident and resilient young adults, learning together through a wide range of enriching experiences.