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Rewards trip

Students who had 100% attendance, zero BPs and or the highest number of net achievement points overall of last school year, were rewarded with a trip yo the Odeon to watch The Lion King, followed by a pizza treat in the afternoon.

 Written by Christina Fotidi Year 8 – 7A

In the morning we gathered in the Hall and after we registered we went to the cinema.  The walk to the cinema was really fun because we got to chat and discuss what film we would watch.  When we got to the cinema we got to buy some “overpriced food and drinks”.  The film we watched was the live-action Lion King by Disney.  I liked the film but some people were talking and going on their phones!.  The walk back to School was fun to talk about the film.  When we reached the school we got into Moa4 settled in and ate pizza, lemonade and some sweets.  I really liked the trip and I would love to be part of it again.