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Year 7 UKC workshop

Year 7 Students had a workshop provided by the University of Kent at Canterbury Ambassadors.  They lead discussion with use of a power point and university maps as to what students would expect a university to be like and the facilities it would have.

The aim was to give students a glimpse into their own futures and get them to think about the prospect of going to university and what it would be like.

Some of the students were asked to provide their account of the event and what it mean’t to them.  The response was excellent and we received feedback from 11 students.

This is what Lucy Smith had to say:-  We had a visit from UKC there were four people they were very nice people and they were telling us about university.  I liked it very much because you got to design your own university and tell them your likes to them.  I didn’t know there were cool stuff like slides and cinema.   After that they showed us a power point and there was a lot of people and pictures to show us what it is like.

They all told us what they did and what kind of university they went to.  You also had a choice of being on a campus.  They told us what it is like to live on campus and off campus and I thought it was cool. 

At the end we got to show our maps of the university and they thought it was amazing.

This is what Oliwia Wojtynska had to say:-

We had a visit from UKC.  They came to us to talk about universities and actually what it was like. We were doing our plans of universities in pairs.  They gave us A3 paper with small drawings on them to show how it looks at the university and blank boxes, buildings, to write inside what we would like to do there.  They also had a little presentation for us.  There was one boy and three girls.  I think they are really nice people, they helped us when we were doing the university and they were asking us whey we chose for that box and this class (name of the building) or what they were doing in that building?  I think university is really nice. I know that in university we will have more work and more strict, but I think it’s a really nice place. 

I learn’t that it’s two type of universities, camp or city.  I will choose camp.  I learned that in some universities they have attractions like a cinema or things like that.  I think it’s cool for students because they have fun after or between lessons.

Oliver Dunham said:- 

We had a visit form the university of Kent at Canterbury and they in period 2 and they were talking about there own university and some different universities and different countries.  The people told us that all universities have there own unique things like a cinema.  They were talking about what they want to do for a job  and what they wanted to study.

They went around the class asking what are your most favourite subjects to learn and some said PE, then they said what work was like.  I like maths and one of the, said maths is really tricky.  They were talking about campus, that is where they live.  The food is really easy to get to because they said there is a food hall on every site, also there were talking about that they need lots of drinks and food to keep there minds healthy.

They told us to make our own university in  pairs of three’s and I partnered with Eddy and we decided that the main building would be a football stadium.  We decided that our university ideas was going to be based around sports and maths and history of the world and we had all the sports we liked and a sports hall and a field and a track.