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Mission Statement

The Parent and Teacher Association is an active group of parents who set out to provide all parents with the opportunity to enjoy some involvement with the school that is shaping their child for the future.
The aim of the PTA is to encourage not only much appreciated fund raising, but also social opportunities and valuable parental contact with other parents and the school.

All parents are automatically members of the PTA as soon as their child attends the school and all are most welcome to become involved in helping the school and children through the medium of the PTA

Welcome to all parents, who would like to know more about the PTA.

The move from primary to secondary education is always a considerable change for both children and parents, especially trying to understand what a new and larger school has to offer.

Throughout the academic year we run a number of events, all of which allow us to provide a funding contribution towards a number of projects across the school. Check out the PTA Purchases link for a list of projects/items that have been granted funds. You will have the opportunity to support and, at the same time, gain a greater insight of the school’s many activities.

We are very keen to ensure that all parents know what they can do to assist the school and hope everyone will either fill in their details on the PTA leaflet available from the school.

Please become involved with your PTA, it is a great opportunity to keep in touch with what is happening within the School as well as to informally link up with like-minded parents.

Registered Charity Number 272838