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Careers Support Page for Parents

Click on the below to go to our Careers News and Events Blog with lots of exciting opportunities.

Careers Blog

Please find some useful links to help with the understanding of what options students have for when they leave school, apprenticeships, college, university. 

Useful Resources




 Careers advisor:

Our year 10 and 11 students can book into see our careers advisor to get 1 to 1 to talk about their options for when it comes to them  moving on from school.

Anne Cameron is our careers advisor if you have any questions please feel free to email her on anne.cameron.careers@hotmail.com 


Careers events in School:

6th form foundation skills for students Work experience
Careers fair Virtual Work Experience 
Debating Year 10 Employability
Year 9 Debating Year 11 Taster Day
For me and not for me  Year 11 Academic Review Day
Research skills programme Careers Meetings
The offer Year 9 Options
Year 10 Debating

 Click on the below to see the feedback from events we have held:

Year 10 - Employability Day July 2023

Year 9 - For Me or Not For Me April 2023

Year 10 - Employability Day July 2022

Year 10 - Employability Day July 2019

Year 9 - Exhibition Fair March 2019

  Positive quotes from our Employability Day

Quotes from the students

"The day went really well and I got a lot of information from the workshops"

"I wasn’t 100% sure what I was going to do as a career, but today has given me options in science that I hadn’t considered"

"I really enjoyed today. It has given me lots of information and things to think about"

"I have learnt to communicate with people better, through the one-to-one interview and workshops. I learnt about the type of questions that might be asked"

"It was really useful being able to learn how to write a CV and many of the activities were fun and great for experience"

Quotes from the businesses

"Some students were shy, but most were brilliant and came out of their shells when prompted with an interest of theirs."

‘Great engagement opportunity.’

"Really engaged and polite students. Many had some very high aspirations."

"All students were very polite and respectful to me. It is my first time doing this and I have really enjoyed the entire process of speaking with them."

"Impressed with the range of students and their different aspirations. All seemed to have really thought about what they would like to do."


Progression Routes

 Please click on the above to see the different routes St. Anselm's students have gone on to.


Work Experience

Please click on the above to see what opportunities students at St. Anselm's have for completing work experience.


Applying for Post 16

Application for a lot of Post 16 courses is done via Kent Choices. Students will receive their usernames and passwords in year 11. Below are links to Kent Choices and useful information around the post 16 application process. Click on the logos for more information.

Kent Choices is the system used to apply for a lot of post 16 courses in Kent.

Click here to see what courses are available where.

Click here to see what open events are on where and when.

Interested in Apprenticeships - check out what is available in Kent.
Not sure what to study or what you want to do post 16 - check out the sorts of jobs available in your area. Want more information on how to use the platform - click here.

Help completing your Child's Kent Choices application:

Year 11 have had the opportunity to attend a workshop to understand how to use the Kent Choices system. If your child didn't get to one of the workshops click here for a user guide.

For help searching and applying for courses on Kent Choices

For help completing your personal statement as part of your profile on Kent Choices

Applications open 1st November 2023. You can only start applying once all parts of your child's profile are showing complete.

For help completing you application

For help preferencing your applications (if you are applying for more than one place)

Other helpful guides available to you:

The Next Step Magazine (2023/2024) for Year 11 Students (Kent Choices)

What Are My Options When I Finish Year 11? (Kent Choices)

Top 5 Tips for the Transition from School to Apprenticeship (Kent Choices)

Top 5 Apprenticeship Myths Busted (Kent Choices)

Top 5 Tips for Exploring Your Career Options (Kent Choices)

Top 5 Tips for Exploring University (Kent Choices)

Top 5 Tips for College and 6th Form Applications (Kent Choices)

Top 5 Tips for Getting a Well Paid Job (Kent Choices)

Top 5 Tips for Job Interviews (Kent Choices)