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PiXL Applications

As part of the school’s intervention and support programme, all year 7 students have been asked to start using the PiXL Times Table App to support their class work.

This app is completely free and is provided by PiXL, a group that we work closely with to help improve the outcomes of our students.

 Students are able to access PiXL Times Table app on their phone, tablet or any PC and complete practice questions, mini tests and competition games to help improve their working with times tables.

The school ID is AS913 and student login and password are the first part of the students’ school email address. So, A Student would login as follows: 18STUDENTA. The password will be the same as the login.

Please note that if your child's surname is hyphenated it may be that the login and password only use the first part of the name.

If you encounter any difficulties using the app, you can contact at the following email link.

P. Georgiou

20th December 2018