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Cognition and Learning Provision

Students with cognition and learning difficulties make up the largest group of pupils with special educational needs in mainstream schools.

They might, for example, have noted difficulties with:

  • reading and writing
  • remembering information
  • understanding abstract concepts
  • understanding and using language
  • sustained concentration.

The SEN code of practice says that: “Pupils who demonstrate features of moderate, severe or profound learning difficulties or specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, require specific programmes to aid progress in cognition and learning.”

At St Anselm’s the support we can provide includes work differentiated to individual student needs, focussed TA support and a variety of targeted provision including:

  • SoundsWrite Phonics
  • Alpha to Omega Phonics
  • Word Wasp Spelling Programme
  • Toe-by-Toe Reading Scheme
  • Stride Ahead Reading Scheme
  • Accelerated Reading Scheme
  • Lexia Reading Programme
  • CogMed Memory Training
  • Closing the Gap Literacy and Numeracy

Our staff regularly undergoes training to keep their skill-set fresh, and we seek advice from the Specialist Teaching Service where necessary to ensure our provision is having the desired impact.

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