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SEN Staff

Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCo):  Mrs Dawn Lawrence-Hearn

Deputy SENCo (ASD Specialist Resourced Provision): Mrs Kathryn Bunney

Assistant SENCo: Mrs Elaine Moore

SEN Administrator: Ms Laura Popplewell

Cognition and Learning Lead: Miss Charlotte Miller

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Lead: Miss Vicky Kemsley

Speech, Language and Communication Lead: Mrs C Hildersley

ASD SRP Lead: Ms Jame Watson

Physical Disability (PD) and Welfare Lead:  Mrs Carole Tunnadine

Teaching Assistants

Mr S Groom

Ms C Selby

Ms J Sherwood

Ms P Wanstall

Mrs S Harrison

Mrs H Leather

Ms F Faedo

Miss K Begum

Miss T Kite

Mrs C Burgess

Miss K Laite

Mrs S Steeb

Ms K Bagshaw

Mrs B Hart

Ms K Rose

Ms D Hodge

Mrs T Steadwood

Ms J Fernandez

Miss H Barton

Ms L Foreman

Ms S Gavriilidis